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Corporate GIS is based in Sydney – please refer to our contact details below. Alternatively, please complete the form below for specific questions and one of our consultants we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Bruce Douglas
Phone: (02) 8011 4637
Mobile: 0418 780 322
PO Box 1099
Camden, NSW, 2570



Order the 2010 GIS Industry & Technology Survey now

The GIS Industry and Technology Survey 2010 is now available.

What needs to be done to align GIS better with your business? How does your GIS compare with other systems? How are you tracking compared with your competitors? Are you getting paid less than industry averages?

This is the 8th industry survey over the last 13 years and has been rated by Spatial Business News as ". the most authorative statement available on the penetration of GIS into organisations and on the way it is being used.

To order your copy of this report, please click on the link below, fill out the details then fax, email or mail to us.

GIS Industry & Technology Survey 2010 Order Form.

Achieving Business Success with GIS

Written by Bruce Douglas.

It is a practical book which explores the business environment of making GIS successful.

This book is written for a business manager, not a technocrat, and applies academic rigor to practical and commercial implementation issues and offers viewpoints from all parties involved in GIS implementations and upgrades.

This book provides technical, financial, organisational and commercial advice in order to ensure that your GIS successfully meets your business needs.

To order your copy of this book, fill out an order now or check out the Wiley web link for this book.

The GIS / Spatial Review Series of Reports

These GIS / Spatial Reviews have been running for 7 years. As in previous years, survey contributors have received a free copy of the report in return for their contributions used in the final analysis database.

Copies of reports from previous years of the GIS/Spatial Survey can be obtained as follows:

o 2006/07 GIS/Spatial Survey Reports
o 2005/06 GIS/Spatial Survey Reports
o 2004/05 GIS/Spatial Survey Reports
o 2003/04 GIS/Spatial Survey Reports
o 2002/03 GIS/Spatial Survey Reports
o 2001/02 GIS/Spatial Survey Reports
o 2000/01 GIS/Spatial Survey Reports


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