Masterclass: Ethics, Professionalism and IP – a case study

Corporate GIS will present a series of case study Masterclasses on “Ethics, Professionalism and IP”:


  • IP and copyright and how it relates to the SI industry
  • Applying ethics – what is the basis of ethical behavior and how should it be undertaken
  • Following probity processes and making sure that you get it right – what are your legal responsibilities
  • Rights and obligations of Directors and office holders of industry associations – where they mostly go wrong

This Masterclass is based on recent actual events in the SI industry:

“I am considering reviving the report… I don’t want to steal your IP, but I need to find a way to make it work for me”.  An Association President in an email, after requesting a copyrighted report. 

  • What are the responsibilities of a Director of an industry Association, and how could these actions impact the Association?

“I will refer to these (reports) in my discussions with external parties”.   The Association President said about the copyrighted reports in his signed Statutory Declaration.

  • Did he intend to use this IP for his own business and in his consulting company?
  • Has the President misused his position by requesting IP for the Association and then using it in his business?
  • Where was the “duty of care” that the Association should provide to its members?
  • Is the Association legally exposed by the actions of its President?


Using this Case Study as an example, learn the “ins and outs” of ethics, professionalism and IP as it relates to the SI Industry, and how you can make sure your organisation is not caught out.  Undertake a working example by examining the “Code of Ethics” of a national SI industry Association and whether the Association follows its own code.


This Masterclass Case Study will be held in the following locations:

● Sydney November 11th ● Canberra November 12th
● Brisbane November 18th ● Melbourne November 25th
● Adelaide December 2nd ● Perth December 3rd

Further Information and Registration is available from here

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This Masterclass is a Case Study based on actual events.  All opinions expressed in this Masterclass are those of the presenters.  No information provided as part of this Masterclass should be construed as providing legal advice on any of the topics discussed.