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Steal and You’ll be Punished, except when it’s IP and industry Associations” is a true case study is about malfeasance in a major Australian industry Association, involving the theft of IP and the subsequent cover-up by the Association President and Board. This book calls out the lack of accountability and mismanagement by office holders in industry associations.

Author: Bruce Douglas, Director, Corporate GIS

Achieving Business Success with GIS

Written at a practical level, suited to the business audience, this exceptional book explores the business environment of making GIS successful.

Author: Bruce Douglas. Director, Corporate GIS

Trust Me front page

Trust Me – I’m an IT Consultant

“Trust Me – I’m an IT Consultant” is a cynical and jocular book focused on business managers who should know more about Information Technology (IT) consulting practices that habitually are burdened upon government and private companies.

Author: Bruce Douglas, Director, Corporate GIS

GIS / AM Survey 2018 – Summary Report ($30)

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The GIS Strategy Resource Kit

…is our unique report based on undertaking over 200 Strategies for a large number of Government agencies, Councils, Utilities and private companies over the last 20 years.

We are sharing this Kit at NO COST to bona-fide GIS end-user organisations ONLY.

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